May Group-Ex Updates


Regretfully, Bonnie Gaskell and Becca Greene will be leaving us at the end of April. 

Bonnie has been at the Y from the get-go. Not only has she been a fabulous instructor, she has introduced ideas and created programs in order to enhance each Group Ex participant and YMCA member experience. We have benefited greatly from her energy, passion, knowledge and experience and are all the better for it! Bonnie, we will miss you dearly! We wish you well and much happiness in your new location and in future endeavors. Don’t forget to visit when you’re in town! 

Cycle instructor, Becca Greene, came to us in January of 2021 and has flourished as an instructor! Becca has taken a summer job near Charleston. We are hopeful that her fall schedule at Clemson University will allow her to return at that time. Thank you, Becca, for your sweet, welcoming personality and your ability to lead very satisfying classes for our members! 


As we move forward, we want to assure you that very capable instructors have been selected to take over Bonnie’s and Becca’s classes. Those instructors’ names will appear shortly after their departure. 

Thursday’s 5:30 PM HIIT class will undergo a slight change in format. Muscle Up will focus on strength training and intervals of cardio for burning fat and calories. This class is for all levels of fitness. Seasoned participants will be given more challenging exercises while modifications will be introduced for beginner to intermediate participants. Leah invites you to join her as we introduce this new class to our members! Come prepared to sweat! 

Thursday’s 6:30 PM Pilates will be moving back into the Group Ex studio on May 5th. If you are not familiar with Pilates, we hope you will join us. Much of the focus is placed on building core strength and the development of long, lean muscles. Pilates is advantageous for stretching tight muscles, especially those troublesome hamstrings! 


More HIIT with Piper! Piper’s Friday 9:00 AM class has been wildly successful! Starting Monday, May 2nd at 9:00 AM, we are adding another HIIT class with Piper.


Monday, 6:30 PM, BODYPUMP and Thursday, 6:30 PM SH’BAM will be postponed during the summer months and will return in September.