Group Exercise

We’re so much more than a gym! Our Group Ex classes offer something for everyone. If you ever find yourself getting bored with your routine, check out a class included in your membership or jump in the pool for some water fitness. The Y is yours to explore, enjoy, and make your own!

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Group Ex News

May Group-Ex Updates

SO LONG  Regretfully, Bonnie Gaskell and Becca Greene will be leaving us at the end of April.  Bonnie has been at the Y from the

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April Group-Ex Updates

Growth and Satisfaction Beginning March 1st, we added another Forever Fit class to our schedule and are happy to announce that it is going very

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March Group-Ex Updates

Thanks to renewed commitments and new member attendance, 2022 has started off with a bang! We are happy that the YMCA is hiring two new

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November Group-Ex Updates

Let’s BEAT Cancer Fundraiser What a fun and wonderful day! Thanks to all of you who participated in our fundraiser! We appreciate your participation in

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October Group-Ex Updates

Happy Fall! There’s just something about waking up on a beautiful, brisk morning! Feeling the coolness on your face and breathing in the fresh air

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There is something to be said for strength in numbers”.  In earlier centuries, it was common to have a barn raising. It was a collective action of community for the purpose of support, efficiency, and accomplishment. Much can be accomplished when working alongside someone whose goals are the same as, or similar, to your own. 


Working with a professional, certified instructor is beneficial in that you will be “in the know” as you learn what the exercise is, what muscle group is targeted, proper form and alignment for injury prevention, and exercise execution for effectiveness.


Exercising in a group environment has many benefits, one of which serves as a motivation boost, encouraging you to dig deeper and get stronger. Another motivating factor is the energy that is created when many work together for the same goal.


Let’s face it, you aren’t likely to stick with something if you aren’t enjoying it. While walking or running on a treadmill has its benefits, it can become mundane. In a structured group ex class, you will experience variety, make friends, exercise to fabulous music, and have fun!

You are invited to step into one of our three studios for a great workout that is designed to motivate, educate, ensure safety, produce results, and have fun! 

We look forward to seeing you!