Rally for the Y

2023 Event Details

Calling all Expresso Bike riders! Join the Rally for the Y and sweat to support our Y. Riders earn 10 cents/mile from Expresso during the month of February. Invite your friends and family to pledge towards your ride to keep you motivated and raise money for our community!

All proceeds go to our 2023 Annual Campaign which helps strengthen our community by connecting all people to their potential, purpose, and each other.

How to Register

  1. Create a Rider ID at https://expresso.com/Register
  2. Join the “Rally for The Y” challenge by visiting https://expresso.com/Challenge/Join/RallyfortheY2023 and clicking the “Join Challenge” button.
  3. Select the YMCA branch you will be riding at as your team.

How to Raise Money for your Ride

Ask your friends and family to pledge money towards your ride! Tell them to:

  1. Go to https://expresso.com/Challenge/Teams/RallyfortheY2023
  2. Click the SUPPORT A RIDER button
  3. Type in the rider’s name to find their personal Pledge Page and click SUPPORT
  4. Enter your name and choose your FIXED or PER MILE donation
  5. Click the SUPPORT button and follow the instructions for completing your donation on your YMCA’s website.

Rules of the Ride

  • You must ride at the Y that you register for in order for your miles to count.
  • No more than one rider per ID. If it is determined that a rider has shared the ID, then that rider will be disqualified from the challenge and the totals will be removed.
  • For a ride to count, it must start and finish during the challenge timeframe.