Y Fitness Challenge

Y Fitness Challenge


COMMIT TO BE FIT! The Y Fitness Challenge is a 10-week program focused on your best health and best results! During the program you will work directly with a YMCA Certified Personal Trainer in a small group team environment to exercise, complete  challenges, eat right and learn how to BECOME YOUR BEST SELF! Teams will have no more than 6 total participants. Results will vary for every individual but may include:

  • weight loss
  • increased strength and cardiovascular health
  • added support and motivation
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • stress relief
  • community building

Program participants will meet with their dedicated Trainer once a week for 10 weeks, completing a team workout specifically designed to meet your goals. In addition to the trainer led workout, each participant will receive a weekly trainer designed workout, meant to be completed together as a group.

More accountability + more exercise friends = better results!

In addition to getting healthier, throughout the 10 weeks your Trainer will provide guidance on many topics such as strength training, cardiovascular exercise, goal setting and motivation, sleep, and more! This is not just a weekly group workout, it’s a lifestyle change!


Nutritional guidance from a registered dietician comes with the program!  Throughout the 10 weeks, participants will be asked to food journal. Twice during the program, a registered dietician will review your food journals and provide      individual feedback and guidance. There will also be two presentations led by the  dietician exclusive to only Y Fitness Challengers!