Teen Free-Weight Training Program

Teen Free-Weight Training Program

At the Foothills Area YMCA, safety is our top priority. Our policy for teen equipment usage is that members 12-14 may use any cardio and selectorize machines, members ages 15+ may use any equipment in the gym unsupervised. However, if you would like your 13 or 14 year old to learn to how to use equipment in the free-weight area, your teen can work with a personal trainer to learn how to use free-weight equipment safely.

Program Benefits

  • Develop a challenging and safe exercise program specific to the teen’s current capabilities and individual needs. As the teen progresses, more exercise modalities will be introduced to them.
  • Learn about proper exercise techniques and safety features on equipment to reduce the risk of exercise-related injuries
  • Build strength, postural awareness and core stability to progress to more advanced equipment
  • Increase cardiorespiratory endurance, gain strength, increase postural awareness, and increase core stability to improve overall fitness levels.

Y personal trainers are certified fitness professionals who are experts at working with you to build an effective health and wellness routines that are appropriate for your current abilities and will help you progress.

8-55 min Personal Training Sessions

Cottingham Campus
1/7/23 - 12/31/23

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8-55 minute sessions 7/5/22 12/31/23 Online / Front Desk $ 299.00-

Available Sessions

01/07/23 - 12/31/23