March Madness Fitness Challenge

March Madness Fitness Challenge

March Madness Group Exercise Challenge

March 1 – March 31, 2024. 

Group Ex bracket challenge consisting of 16 teams of 2 to 4 members per team.

Each fitness or water class you attend translates into 1 point and you accumulate these points weekly. 

Each Saturday after 1 pm, the points of each team are tallied and the top half of the bracket advances to the next round. 

On Sunday, the teams that advance onto the next round receive an email to let us know they’re still on the challenge.

At the beginning of the week, the score is reset and the teams that made the next bracket are published. 

Schedule of brackets announcement: 

Sunday, March 3 – 16 teams are revealed, (bracket 1)

Sunday, March 10 – The top 8 teams are announced (bracket 2)

Sunday, March 17 – The top 4 teams are announced (bracket 3)

Sunday, March 24 – The top 2 teams are announced (bracket 4)

Sunday, March 31 – The top team and winner is announced! 


Register your team online NOW so you can start accumulating points. 

Pick up your Weekly Card at the front desk and bring it to class.

Each class earns you 1 point. 

Team participants will attend classes through the week to earn 1 point per class. Team members can take separate classes or take classes together. Each participant will earn 1 point per person per class.

Each class you attend needs to be signed off by the instructor on your weekly card.

When you attend a BONUS class, you earn 2 points per person per class.

BONUS classes: 

  • Cycle 5:30 am M/W/F
  • Functional 5:30 am M/W
  • Cardio & Core 4:30 pm Tu
  • Tai chi 4:30 pm M, 12:00 pm Sat
  • HIIT 4:35 pm F
  • Cycle 5:30 pm M/Tu/W/Th
  • Pilates 6:30 pm Tu/Th