My Y Story – Jo Simpson

My family has a history of heart problems. With that concern in mind, I became a charter member when the local YMCA opened. I spend from 1 to 4 hours a day at the Y. I enjoy the variety of Group Exercise classes and the benefits I have experienced. I am happy to say that my heart is much stronger, joint mobility has increased and joint pain has decreased! Having been a cheerleader and very active in my youth, I really missed being fit and having so much energy! It feels great to have improved stamina and move more freely! As I age, I'm so glad the YMCA opened here and my joints thank you!

My Y Story – Genie Duncan

When I started here at the YMCA, I was blown away with all the options offered in Group Exercise classes! All of the instructors are awesome! I think Pam and I have the most in common. She spends time with us seniors to ensure we are doing everything correctly and that we stay safe. I love Pam's positive outlook and how she's always energetic and smiling. Pam's classes keep us dancing and having fun. Sometimes I forget I'm at the gym! I feel young again in her Dumbbells and Drumsticks class! If you haven't had the pleasure of taking one of her classes, please do. You'll leave feeling so much stronger, healthier, and happier!

My Y Story – Geary Hughes

Upon completion of my chemotherapy treatment, I was over the moon happy. The cancer was gone and there was reason to believe in the future. There was a problem, however, in that I was so out of shape that recreational activities like hiking and paddling as well as work around our home was just too difficult. My wife and I decided to join the YMCA and during the tour we saw the Livestrong group working out. Well, we joined up and ...I got my strength back.  More than that my mental outlook was also improved, new friendships were developed, and I had the confidence to canoe/kayak on longer day trips.  Indeed, I met my goal by paddling 10 miles on Lake Jocassee!  The Livestrong program is a wonderful tool for building strength and overall well-being.

My Y Story – Betty Baker

I am thankfully a long time cancer survivor. I am a member of the Y and heard about the Livestrong program through advertisement there. What I enjoyed most was meeting people in different stages of their treatment and recovery. I loved working out together as a group and just encouraging one another. Laughing, talking and working hard together. Come by and say hi if you see me on the treadmill, bike or rowing machine.

My Y Story – Lou Jessup

I am a breast cancer survivor and I heard about the Livestrong program through my doctor.  I decided to join after my husband died last year from cancer.  My physical and emotional body was a mess. At the Foothills YMCA in Seneca, I found healing from the staff and fellow members.  At the end of the 12 weeks I was feeling much stronger and had lost 10 pounds. My spiritual health was an unexpected positive also!  I have joined and I am continuing my excercise.  It is a part of my life now and I’m so thankful for it.

My Y Story – Ping Du

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. I realized how fun it is when I had the opportunity to volunteer as an assistant coach for kids soccer league at the Y last Fall and this Spring. I saw kids playing, talking and making new friends with each other, the kids and their parents all enjoy being outdoors and having a wonderful time!

Being part of the kids soccer league at the Y has been an amazing experience! There were lots of fun moments I would like to share: During one game on Thursday, our team played with blue team, I wanted to let our team win so much that I encouraged one kid: “kick it hard!” she listened and did it, guess what, the soccer ball hit one player of the blue team and bounced into our own goal! Everyone laughed, except me. In the next game, I told each kid on our team: “As long as we try our best, it does not matter if we win or lose.” I hope they will play pure soccer without thinking of the scores. There were sweet moments as well: for 4-5 years old kids, each time there are 4 kids playing for the game, the other kids stand behind the field line. Some kids may have the patience to watch the game, too often they will talk with each other or simply play on the ground. One time, a kid picked a few wild purple flowers and gave them to me, that moment made my heart smile! I distributed the lovely small flowers and asked the kids to please send them to their moms, I hope the little wild purple flowers will make their moms’ hearts smile.

Each kid is different: one boy is always so calm and quiet, it amazed me how he behaved like nothing had happened after he scored, while all of his teammates were cheering for him! His mom told me he was just too shy. One little girl is completely the opposite: she started to dance and sing happily after she scored one goal, which brought lots of joy to the parents beside the soccer fields! On the tournament day, a little boy told me it was his birthday, I was so happy to know he could celebrate his birthday that day! He even asked me: “Why are you here?” I told him: “Because I like outdoors and I like being with kids.”

As a volunteer for the kids soccer league, I had the opportunity to work with the Y staff, I witnessed how much work and effort they put in to make the soccer league a pleasant experience for both kids and the parents. From organizing teams into different age groups, to order and distributing the team jerseys; from drawing the fields lines, prepare the field goals to coaching kids. So much work has been done by only 4 to 5 Y staff! They are truly outstanding!

There’s no doubt the kids soccer league gives kids, parents, coaches wonderful experience and sweet memories. The kids might develop lifelong hobby and make new friends; as a volunteer I also learn and grow in the league.

Thank you, YMCA!

My Y Story – Glenn “Teach” Corley

What the Foothills Area YMCA means to me

What I like about being a member of the Foothills Area YMCA is that it is like being back at high school but only the good parts. If you show up, you pass. Everyone is a star student, plus you are an automatic athlete.

It is one big gang of local people joined together to improve their lives and their health. You are there because you want to be there. No one makes you go, and it is always fun to be with good people.

The classes vary from “young at heart” to “young and hard”, and of course, there is Rock Steady. From bar bells, bikes, to Pilates mats, it just depends on what intensity that you want with some tasty tunes. Let’s not forget the incredible instructors, and excellent staff.

If swimming is your thing, the Y has a 6-lane, heated swimming pool. From swimming laps to water aerobics, and organized swim meets, the Y will meet all your swimming needs, and of course, lifeguards are always on duty.

The FAYMCA is the best thing that happened to Seneca since the Rec Department was started many years ago. So if you are looking for a safe and clean place to exercise and be with friends, the FAYMCA is better than being back at high school and a lot more fun!

LiveStrong at the Y

Being a breast cancer survivor for 20 years and having lymphedema in my right arm for 19 years,

I wanted to improve my core strength, endurance, and flexibility.

When I joined the LiveStrong program, I was hoping to learn about all the equipment at the Foothills Area YMCA, especially the weight equipment. 

At about halfway through the program, I felt that my expectations of the program have already been fulfilled, my core strength, endurance, and flexibility have greatly improved. At the end of the program,

the LiveStrong program made me realize that I can do it!

I can get stronger, more flexible, and even lose some weight. And it does affect my daily life—improved sleep, easier to do chores, just to name a few.

My favorite aspects of the LiveStrong program were learning how to correctly use the equipment, learning alternatives to do due to my lymphedema, and meeting other cancer survivors.

I was so fortunate to be able to participate in this program!

 Halie and Becca, our two instructors, were terrific. Their positive approach kept it fun and made it very easy to get to know each other. They provided us with individual attention and instructions, as well as alternative options based on our needs—in my case, my lymphedema.

Thank you Halie, Becca ,and the LiveStrong program—I highly recommend this program to anyone!