Small Group Training


Our Small Group Training series combines the energy and inspiration of group exercise with the individualized attention of a personal trainer. Small class size (4-8 participants per class) ensures that our coaches can provide a personalized programming and goal setting. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, train for an event or just feel better about yourself, small group training will drive those results.


Benefits of Small Group Training

Coach to member ratio is 1:8 vs. 1:many in a group fitness class. 

By design small group sessions allow the coach to focus on each members form and progress by providing specific instruction.

Coaches creates a training system that ensures incremental improvement and momentum towards your goals week to week.

You and your coach create measurable benchmarks to gauge your success against your fitness goals.

Coaches develop a plan to challenge you and continue to develop new skills and ensure continuous improvement.

Principles of Training:

  • Overload: resistance
  • Progression: strategic increases in frequency, duration, intensity
  • Specificity: skill development
  • Variation: varied exercises
  • Reversibility: ensuring safe return to exercise after lapses in training

Having the support and camaraderie of a training group and Coach can be just the thing some of us need to get us into the gym.  It like having a group of workout buddies.

Small Group Training (SGT) is the enemy of boredom!

Your Coach will introduce a variety of equipment, formats and training concepts to keep you motivated.  Circuit, TRX, Kettlebells, Functional, Agility, Mobility and Flexibility training are a sample of the limitless potential workouts your Coach can deliver. 

Info/Meet the Coach Sessions

Free 30 minute Info/Meet the Coach session registration opens December 15. Info/Meet the Coach is a not a workout session, but rather an informational session. Registration for Orientation/Meet the Coach is required before joining a training session, so sign up for a spot on December 15.

INFO sessions: January 5 & January 6, 2022

Training Sessions & Registration - next session starts July 25, 2022

The Small Group Training program is for Members-only. Each SGT session is for 8 weeks.

Registration for this session is open now. Training sessions schedule is below.


Piper Mon/Wed 6:30pm-7:30 pm


Kellie Tue/Th 6:40pm-7:10 pm


Kim Tues/Thurs/Fri 6:30am-7:30 am


Kinley Tue/Th 10:00-11:00 am


Kim Mon/Wed 6:30am-7:30 am
6:30 am
9:00 am
5:30 pm





Workouts/weekCost/workoutMonthlyPaid in Full (incl 5% disc.)










Bonnie Gaskell

Bonnie's fitness background extends beyond a hobby. She earned a BS degree in Physical Education & Athletic Training and went on to have a 30+ year career in corporate fitness & wellness management.

A lifelong lover of all things fitness, recreation and anything that would challenge her physically. She played D2 collegiate basketball and soccer as well as competed in track & field. Her natural passion and need to connect with like-minded people lead her to coach youth sports, adult triathlon and swimming. She has always been an eager learner; thirsty for a deeper understanding of the human body and how it works.

Her training philosophy is simple...come with a desire to change, improve and learn and your goals will be realized. Sweat is a by-product of your effort with her guidance. It's a partnership, goals are achievable if you believe in yourself. Fitness is a journey best taken with company.

Halie Patterson

Halie specializes in Lifestyle Change for Quality of Life, Motivation, Balance Training, Total Body Conditioning, Bodyweight Training, Suspension Training, Cardiovascular Conditioning.

She is a true helper at heart! She helps individuals overcome obstacles that may be too hard to bare alone. As a health advocate, finding ways to increase the quality of life through evidence-based approaches is key.

She strives to help individuals identify areas to work on, understand why the change is needed for themselves personally, and continue to search for what works for them through their health and wellness journey. Great success starts with a small step!

Nathan Adams

Nathan began his journey to become a personal trainer after competing for several years in running, triathlon, and volleyball. He has turned his attention to helping people in his community achieve and maintain their fitness and overall health & wellness goals in a style that is simultaneously fun, challenging, and sustainable. He is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Core Health and Fitness HIIT Coach, TRX Suspension Trainer Coach, Schwinn Cycling Coach, and TriDot Triathlon Training Systems Coach.

Nathan's core coaching beliefs are promoting a sound mind and a sound body, and using clean sports and effective exercise to develop these qualities.

He believes that everyone deserves an exercise program that promotes comfort in activities of daily living, as well as comfort and confidence in your own skin. In essence, he hopes to offer people the opportunity to look good and move well.


Kinley Wilson

Kinley fell in love with fitness after years of playing sports, which led to her become a personal trainer. She wanted to find a way to continue to see people achieve goals and stay active throughout their lives, and what better way than becoming a trainer to help them with the process.

She is from Seneca, SC and earned a BS in Kinesiology with a concentration in Athletic Training from Anderson University. She is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach and specializes in functional training.

Kinley believes that everyone has different capabilities and exercise programs should be unique to their skill level. It’s her goal to make programs individuals will enjoy and continue throughout their fitness journey.

David Shealy

David became a fitness enthusiast as a teenager, after getting a taste of the satisfaction that can come from transforming and improving one's own body and capabilities. After years of training on his own and then witnessing the ways that neglect of one's body can lead to hardship and loss of independence in old age, he pursued a career in fitness and wellness to help others to achieve their own goals and keep their bodies serving them well as they age. 

He is ISSA certified and holds a specialization in Corrective Exercise Therapy. In training, he likes to combine traditional strength training with functional exercises that will help people better perform the tasks they need or want to do in their daily lives. 

His philosophy is that fitness is a form of self-improvement, and part of the path to becoming the person we wish to be. Furthermore, it's for everyone, just as the Y is "For All." It should be challenging, but not a chore; he likes to keep things interesting and diversified.

Kim Wyatt

Kim's fitness background started later in her life while exploring new hobbies. Sparked by an eagerness to get in shape after two children and a love for new things she was introduced to Muay Thai at a boxing gym. She fell in love with how incredibly unique it was and the skill and hard work it took to learn this new hobbie. Being a fast learner and overcoming challenges soon led to her teaching and the desire to explore other forms of fitness. She pursued a personal training certification through NASM and has trained for 10 years in the fitness industry. Education is extremely important to her and she continues to add more certifications to her resume. Including Rocky Steady Boxing, youth, senior and trx certifications.

Her philosophy is simple, come ready to learn, work hard, and sweat. She believes that everyone can fall in love with fitness if you are willing to try new things. Nothing we have in life is easy but can be worked for and achieved if you have the determination to do so.

Piper Smith

Piper has always enjoyed fitness. She began dancing at a young age and was later introduced to different forms of strength and HIIT training. Her passion for fitness led her to become a personal trainer. Seeing people set goals for themselves and work toward achieving them is one of the most inspiring things to witness and can be so rewarding.

Piper is from Pendleton, SC and became a certified personal trainer in the summer of 2021. Piper believes that exercise can be the best medicine when it comes to keeping the body and mind at work and not letting it fade as we get older. Being able to help people live long, healthy, and active lifestyles is her goal for not only herself but for everyone else as well.

Kellie Williams

Kellie loves fitness and has been in the industry for over 25 years. As a group fitness instructor, many members wanted more individual instruction, so she decided to become a personal trainer as well. She loves helping people achieve their individual fitness goals.

Kellie is from California and is a Certified Personal Trainer, a Nutrition Coach, and has several group exercise certifications. She believes that everyone has their own strengths, and she wants to help members discover what those are in fitness.

Allison Lee

Allison has been with the YMCA since Feb 2022. Although she is new to the YMCA, she is not new to fitness. Allison has been active all her life from running, to weight training, to crossfit, mountain biking, to hiking... She just loved being active! When not serving at the YMCA she works as a Register Dental Hygienist which has been her passion for the last 25 years.

In 2021, as a member of the YMCA with her family, she felt called to a new passion - helping our aging community develop and maintain independence, strength, and stability in their everyday activity. Allison is a certified personal trainer on our fitness floor, a coach with our Rock Steady Boxing - Parkinson's program, and has a small group program for ages 60+ called Senior FUNctional! Allison is energetic, positive, full of excitement and ready to help YOU gain/maintain the independence we all want in our golden years!


SGT is limited to no more than 8 people with 1 Coach.  In group fitness classes, generally, there are 10+ members or more to 1 instructor.  SGT is designed to provide more individualized instruction for each member.  Your Coach will customize the workouts based on your fitness level, exercise experience and goals.  Programs are specific in duration, frequency, intensity and are meant to help you progress safely toward your fitness goals.  You will also learn proper form in order to build strength & endurance and increase mobility and flexibility safely.

Each group runs for 8 weeks.

There are no make up classes.  Your Coach may consider putting you in another group for a make-up class if there is room.

Motivation & Accountability!  Studies show that people who work out in a small group are more consistent and tend to have less excuses not to workout.  The camaraderie within the group is like playing on a team.  There is accountability to show up for the team.  Also, your Coach provides motivation, education and guidance in a more intimate small group environment to ensure your success.

Please refer to the Program registration page.

Go to Programs on the FAYMCA website.  Click on Small Group TrainingSelect the timeslot you want to register for and complete the payment process.  

Initially, we will be evaluating each person’s fitness capabilities and needs.  We may recommend a specific trainer or group in order to ensure goals are achieved.  We want this to be a fun and positive experience with guided training that meets each individual’s needs.

Please see our info table in the lobby or contact either one of the coaches or our fitness director, Sydney Lia at [email protected] for more information.

We may add additional sessions if we have enough people interested.