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June 30, 2020


Inspiring the American Dream Foundation Announces Dissolution of 501(c) 3




Foundation assets including new LMS distributed to Foothills Area YMCA



Sunset, SC — June 30, 2020 – Inspiring the American Dream Foundation (IADF) announced today that it has dissolved its educational foundation and has distributed all of its remaining assets, including its newly developed American Dream Project Learning Management System (LMS) to the Foothills Area YMCA located in Seneca, South Carolina. Supporting key tenets of the Profile of the South Carolina Graduate, the new LMS was developed to improve student literacy, while instilling important life and career characteristics.


“The Foothills Area YMCA is very excited about this opportunity to offer the American Dream Project Learning Management System to the children in our afterschool and day camp programs, said Foothills Area YMCA CEO, Christle Ross. “This program will be a tremendous benefit to our children.  Character development is a huge part of our programs and key to helping students succeed in and out of the classroom.  This program with the educational component, featuring American heroes and character traits is a perfect fit with the YMCA mission.  We are honored to be the recipient of this foundation’s program and the tools to provide it.”


Made possible in part through grants by Dabo’s All In Team Foundation, and building on IADF’s prior afterschool reading camps, the American Dream Project LMS is comprised of 8 lesson plans and companion quizzes, community service projects and parent engagement activities.  Highlighting 4 main character traits: compassionhonestyperseverance, and self-control each lesson plan utilizes a literary text that exemplifies the featured character trait of the lesson. Upon successful completion of project quizzes, parent engagement and community service activities the system credits students with points toward earning character badges and ultimately an ‘American Dreamer’ certificate.


“We are very proud to have supported IADF!  They are so passionate about helping children succeed, particularly with reading and character development, said Dabo’s All In Team Foundation Co-Founder, Kathleen Swinney.  “Reading is so important to a child’s overall self-esteem. IADF’s dedication to giving children the extra help they need to be successful in the classroom carries over into other areas of their lives. We are grateful for IADF and their commitment to helping children thrive in life and reach their American Dream!”


Developed by Cutty Powers, a New Jersey-based digital marketing firm, the new American Dream Project LMS will be launched by the Foothills Area YMCA in January 2021 and integrated into their elementary school programs. To help ensure successful implementation, Kathy Brazinski, a local educator and former Inspiring the American Dream Foundation board member, will be providing support for the launch.


“It was an honor to serve on the board of IADF, said Inspiring the American Dream Foundation Education Committee Chair, Kathy Brazinski. “Inspiring the American Dream opened the eyes and ears for many children in rural South Carolina. The original program taught students how to set goals and create a plan for accomplishing the dreams they sought. Being rooted in good character traits through the program, they often learned to work on changing the course of their destiny. Now with the new online edition, the program has the possibility to redirect many children through reading and character development, finding they CAN follow their dreams to success.”


About Inspiring the American Dream Foundation

Inspiring the American Dream Foundation was established to help inspire children and young adults to achieve the American Dream, a set of ideals in which freedom, ability and virtue provide the opportunity for prosperity, happiness and upward mobility, regardless of race, ethnicity or social class. By engaging children of all ages, nationalities and backgrounds with an appreciation for the ideals, values and virtues inherent in the American Dream, the Foundation helped prepare hundreds of students across Upstate South Carolina to become independent, prosperous and productive members of their communities.



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About Dabo’s All In Team Foundation

Dabo’s All In Team Foundation was founded to raise awareness of critical education and health issues in order to change lives of people across the state of SC, concentrating in Breast Cancer Research, The Phoenix Center, The Rise Program, The Call Me Mister Program, and Grants. For more information visit


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